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                            Welcome to the Hands For Health homepage.

                                                Therapeutic Massage                     

                                       In memory of Dr. Clarie Collins Harvey

                                        Connie Shanks-Knight, LMT02, TTT 

                         357 Towne Center Blvd., Suite 401, Ridgeland, MS  39157

Office Phone:  (601) 707-7077    Office Hours by Appointment    Monday through Saturday 

Mission Statement:   To demonstrate and influence the power of touch through the art of therapeutic massage as an integrative therapy to promote wholeness of mind, and spirit.  

About us.

Connie Shanks Knight LMT 02, TTT

Massage therapist since 1992, Trauma Touch Therapist since 2000. Specializes in Stress Management, injury rehabilitation, and health maintenance.

Kenneth L. Leggett LMT 2260

Relaxes the body and calms the spirit with a variety of techniques and modalities for stress reduction and muscle repair.

Sandra Dietrich RET (Rapid Eye Therapist)

Retired RN.

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Massage Therapy -
stress and fatigue
        Enhances joint and muscle function 
        Improves circulation and general body tone

We will design a program best suited for your needs: stress management, physical rehabilitation, health maintenance, or general relaxation.  Hands For Health has the experience and expertise to contribute to your wellness through the art of therapeutic massage.  

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