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            In 1990, Dr. Clarie Collins Harvey (1916- 1995) had a vision to open a facility that would meet the needs of people who had a desire to have wholeness of “mind, body and spirit”.   Mrs. Harvey started Abundavita Enterprises and began to address alternative health care needs through herbs and natural vitamin products. Later that year, the Collins Abundant Life Center was opened on Northside Drive, which later became Our Wellness Place.  One massage therapist, Nolan Tate, and a reflexologist, Renee Rosenfeld, began providing alternative health care and educating the public through workshops and seminars.

            As Dr. Harvey’s personal assistant, Connie became very interested in a lifestyle that brought such peace, calm and healing to mind, body and spirit.  Being a committed Christian, Connie began to question God’s purpose for her life and knew that it had something to do with this life process of hands-on regenerative/alternative health care.   At that time, there were no schools for massage therapy or any other alternative health care process in Mississippi.  Connie enrolled at Blue Cliff School of Therapeutic Massage in New Orleans and graduated in August, 1991 to become one of the first professional massage therapists in this area, and one of only 33 massage therapists in the entire state.  Connie returned to Our Wellness Place as a massage therapist.

            In 1993 Connie moved the location of her practice and changed the name to Hands for Health - In Honor of Dr. Clarie Collins Harvey.  Her mission is the betterment of health for all mankind with health maintenance, stress management and prevention, injury rehabilitation, and a balance of “mind, body and spirit”.   As a support to the profession and community, Connie assisted in writing statutes for the State of Mississippi to regulate the profession of Massage Therapy, was appointed to serve on the state Board of Massage Therapy for two terms and served on a national board (Federation of State Massage Therapy Board) for one term.  

Hands for Health is a sponsor of workshops and seminars to educate the community and other massage therapists with continuing education.

Thank you for your interest in Hands For Health.  If you would like to request additional information via mail, or address is: 

357 Towne Center Blvd, Suite 401, Ridgeland, MS  39157.

If you would like to contact us via phone, our number is (601) 707-7077.

Additionally, Kenneth L. Leggett's hours are 5:30pm - 9:00pm weekdays and 9:00am - 5:00pm weekends - perfect for those who are unable to schedule during the typical 9 - 5 workday. Claa (601) 906-9167 for an appointment.

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